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Over 10 years ago from humble beginnings, Mr. Nazarisham (left) started his career as an assistant security guard earning a mere few hundred dollars a month. Fast forward to present day and he is now Founder and Chairman of Naza Holdings Pte. Ltd. and MTN Consultants and Building Management Pte Ltd. ​Mr Nazarisham completed his diploma in Security Management and the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP). He is also an ISO certified auditor and a qualified Trainer. He was highlighted by the Singapore's Workforce Development Authority in 2012 for his recognitions and he gives public talks. He had also been featured in numerous MediaCorp Suria Television programmes such as Belanjawan & Usahawan 2013.

As the Chairman of a multi-faceted firm, his team engages in a wide spectrum of businesses which range from securities to gold mining, from building management to tourism. Instrumental to this fantastic journey has been his willingness to work hard, his determination and persistence - and belief in himself for bettering his life and those who work for him. 

Mr. Sinpraseuth (right), CEO of Naza Holdings Pte. Ltd., born and raised in Australia, began his teenage years at the bottom as a factory pick-packer. It was not long until he realised the 9 to 5 job was not meant for him. He dared to invest in himself and took out a loan from family, enabling him to dive into his first business venture. 

Enter 2005, ABN International Pty. Ltd was established as an import beverage company. Teaming up with a global beverage brand he managed to gain exclusive rights to distribute across Australia. Expanding his portfolio, he imported ready-to-drink coffee, fruit juices and coconut water. With the success of these beverage sales, he saw the opportunity in the alcohol market to obtain the Australian import alcohol licence. Then in 2008, Kiss Beverages Pty. Ltd was launched as his first originally branded (ready-to-drink) alcoholic beverage product. 


2010, he experimented in the food industry, owning a Sydney restaurant/cafe business but unfortunately did not see the success he envisioned over the year. With resilience, he sought to explore other opportunities outside of the F&B realm and discovered the high-demand for accommodation in mining corporations. 

In 2013, he closed a two year contract owning container houses that accommodated more than fifty iron-ore mine employees in South Australia. Meanwhile, his debut business ABN international was still operating successfully as his foundation company. But just as his multi-organisation portfolio was growing, Mr. Sinpraseuth was forced to sell back the rights of exclusively, leading to the closure of his primary business around about the same time as the end of his profitable accomodation contract. 


Much to his dismay, he took a leap of faith and relocated to Singapore to begin his gold trading business. With his global-reach and network of contacts, he was able to successfully buy and sell physical gold bullion bars across Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Immersed in the market of gold trading activities, he met an individual with the same interests; Mr. Nazarisham. Naturally Mr. Sinpraseuth partnered up with Naza Holdings and is now a director, managing all dealings with the trade of gold bullion and also co-managing an extensive list of Indonesian-based resource projects that will fuel the economy.

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33 Ubi Avenue 3, #01-14/15, Singapore 408868